Estimate & Costs

Get an idea what a paintless dent removal repair should cost. Take in consideration the variables listed on this page. Every vehicle, dent, and dent accessibility is different so please keep in mind that the values listed here, are only an estimate and can vary upon an in-person inspection of the damage. 

Our Professional Mobile Service Pricing starts at:

1" up to 2" diameter range from $85 - $125

2" up to 3" diameter range from $125 - $175

3" up to 4" diameter range from $175 - $225

4" up to 5" diameter range from $225 - $275

5" and larger priced by tech inspection of photos


Multiple Dents

Additional dents on the same panel are 50 % of the price of a single dent price.  In other words 3 $100 dents on the same door will cost $200.  The first dent is $100 and the next two are $50 each.  All the dents must be on the same panel of the vehicle to receive this discount.  If they are on 2 separate panels, the single dent price will apply to both.  The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel.


Aluminum Panels

Aluminum panels are priced at a 25 % increase from above pricing.   A magnet (refrigerator magnet) will stick to steel, it will not stick to aluminum. Aluminum is much more difficult to work with and will always require more time and energy.


Body Line Dents

Add $25-$75 per dent, depending on sharpness. A "body line" dent is located in the contours of the body panels that provide structural strength to the vehicle and drastically complicates the repair process. 


R & I (Removal and Installation)

Prices for R&I (removing and reinstalling) interior trim panels, headliners, tail lamps, ect. are not included in the dent pricing above.  To gain access to the back side of a dent, removing and reinstalling these panels sometimes require being performed . We always strive to minimize these costs for our clients. 


Hail Damage

Hail damage has a specific matrix guide and varies greatly in price, so give us a call for details.  Hail damage typically ranges from $350 up to $6000 or greater.  Insurance and non insurance claims are welcomed.