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These are the most frequently asked questions regarding all aspects of the process of paintless dent removal. If the answers you need are not here, contact Shane directly at 501-281-2774 to get answers immediately. 

Q. What are the benefits of PDR?

The most important benefit is quality. This method is the closest you can get to the dent never happening in the first place. There is no painting, no grinding, no bondo, no fillers, no primers and no replacement panels are needed because your original factory paint is not disturbed.

Cost is also a major benefit of PDR.  Hail damage, door ding and minor dent repairs performed by an experienced technician, in most  instances, are typically a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional autobody repairs.  

Time savings is yet another advantage.  We are mobile.  We come to you after photos are received.  Many smaller dents can be removed in less than an hour at your location.


Q. Why use Dent Remedy?

Dent Remedy is independently owned and operated. All repairs are completed by Shane Glidewell, a local central Arkansas technician, trained explicitly with the finest tools and training in the world. Every repair is performed to your satisfaction, 100% guaranteed.  When you chose Dent Remedy, you chose Shane Glidewell - we simply do not contract work out to other technicians, as they may impact our high level of quality control. 


Q. Are all paintless dent repairs the same?

In a word, no. Every dent  is different, as is every vehicle, color and location of dent. All of those factors impact the cost, time, and availability of PDR (paintless dent removal) being an option for repair.  Simply put, performing paintless dent repair is similar to art in that the outcome of the painting depends greatly on the talent, vision, experience and choice of tools used by the artist.


Q. Are all dents repairable by paintless dent repair?

The success of paintless dent repair is first determined by the experience of the technician. Secondly, the depth and location of the damaged area will greatly impact whether the damage is repairable.  For example, a large shallow dent is a better candidate than a small sharp dent. Shane will determine the percentage of removal before the repair process is started (i.e. 70-80% of the damage will be removed).  Please understand - not every dent can be repaired using paintless dent repair remedies. Some damage will simply require the conventional autobody repair process where repainting is necessary. You will you know in advance to what degree of confidence we have in making the dent completely disappear or whether it will require conventional paint repair. 


Q. What does "drilling" mean?

It has become common practice in some circles in the PDR industry, (auctions, wholesale auto dealers, etc.) to save time by first drilling or punching holes in places like door frames, quarter panel jambs, inner wheelhouse panels, etc. to gain access to a dent with their tools. Dent Remedy will always take the extra time to repair a dent without drilling by carefully removing (and reinstalling) any interior trim panels.  In the rare event that there is no other way to access a dent except to create a small port, you will always be advised of this procedure. We simply will never drill, unless we have your authority to do so, and only then when we have no other options to access the damage.  If a small port is ultimately necessary, Dent Remedy will seal the port properly by rust-treating the port and installing a properly sized plastic plug for a more factory installed finished look. Manufacturers have to create ports to remedy small dents that occur on the assembly line during the manufacturing process.  However, just because the manufacturers do it, doesn't mean that it is a practice that Dent Remedy adopts to save time. It is good work ethic and a good practice of the industry to maintain the integrity of the car to avoid making a port hole if at all possible. 


Q. I am very busy! How can I get a repair estimate without scheduling an estimate appointment?

Absolutely. But please understand that good pictures of the damage are a must. Snap a few photos (minimum 5 please) and email or text them directly to Shane at or 501-281-2774.  You will promptly be contacted with an estimated repair cost. When taking pictures of the damage, please angle the photo at a 45 degree from as many angles as possible. It helps to be in the shade, with a light glancing off of the damage. Example pictures are below.


Q. Can you come to me for the estimate? 

Yes we can.  There is a $75 cash charge to provide an on-site estimate without pictures.  We waive this charge for our customers who are able to email or text pictures of the damage by closely following our picture tips prior to us providing our mobile service. By receiving pictures of the damage we are able to determine detailed factors such as location for access, any necessary de-trimming of interior panels, depth, size and approximate time of repairs.  These factors allow Dent Remedy to accurately assess the damaged area and provide you with a cost savings estimate.    


Q. I sent pictures of my damage and was provided an estimate via email/txt.
Can this change?

The only time our estimates may change is when the damage in the pictures is significantly different than the actual damage seen on-site. We understand a picture may not capture the exact damage. Our estimates are based on what we can see in a picture and what information you provide us. We will always let you know if the price changes before we start your on-site repairs. After we start the repairs the price will not change.


Q. Can you provide me with a written estimate?

Yes. Our written estimate is $75 per estimate and is deducted upon completion of the repair.  The unfortunate reasoning behind the requirement of this charge, is that many times a written estimate will be used to negotiate with insurance companies. The estimate is submitted to the insurance company providing a claimant a pocket full of cash all the while never having had intentions of having the vehicle repaired. Ultimately, Dent Remedy is out the time and energy providing the written estimate. We provide a valuable service and possess valuable skills, time and energy.  Therefore, this charge is required to avoid that unfortunate scenario. Verbal estimates via text and/or email with pictures are free.


Q. Are your prices different if I pay cash?

Our prices are the same whether you pay by cash, check or credit card.


Q. Can Dent Remedy help me with my lease return vehicle?

You bet!  If your lease is up soon and you have a dent oops, Dent Remedy can save you big money and hassle.


Q. Can Paintless Dent Repair help me sell my car?

Yes. The majority of people in the market to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, take in great consideration its' appearance. If you are considering selling your vehicle, paintless dent removal is one of the most effective ways to get the most money returned on your investment.